Disciples Divinity House

of the University of Chicago

Machado honored as Distinguished Alumna

July 11, 2017 —  

Daisy L. Machado, Professor of Church History at Union Theological Seminary, was presented the Distinguished Alumna Award at DDH's General Assembly luncheon on July 11. The Alumni/ae Council selected her as the nineteenth recipient of the award. Ms. Machado earned her PhD in 1996 from the University of Chicago Divinity School as a Disciples Divinity House Scholar. 

The award commends her as a "trailblazing scholar and minister" and as an "esteemed mentor, dean, teacher, colleague." It recognizes her: "For excellence in teaching in and beyond the classroom; for tenacious, transformative leadership in theological education; for inspiring and guiding emerging scholars, especially through the Hispanic Theological Initiative; for wise advocacy for Latino/a faculty members; for advancing  the historical and conceptual study of borderlands; and for courageous dedication to those who are forgotten and pushed aside, to Las Desaperacidas."

The luncheon began with music by House Scholar Hannah Fitch. Trustee David Vargas shared the invocation. TCU professor and Alumni/ae Council member Santiago Pinon introduced her, using the image of "spelunking" to depict her extraordinary leadership and teaching and her courage in mapping new terrains in scholarship. Dean Culp and Melinda Wood, President of the Alumni/ae Council, presented the award. Ms. Machado spoke in response. Her remarks challenged the audience to critical analysis, presence, and action. Remarks were also offered by alumna Teresa Hord Owens, newly elected General Minister and President, by Lee Hull Moses, President of the Board of Trustees, and by the dean.