A Teaching/Learning Ethos

The Disciples Divinity House fosters an ethos of teaching and learning that addresses individuals' vocations as ministers, intellectuals, leaders, Christians, and human beings. This ethos enables ministers and scholars to take up their callings with faithfulness, practical effectiveness, social responsibility, and imagination.

Intelligence in ministry, a passion for the unity of the church and of humanity, a vital interconnection of ethical and aesthetic sensibilities in religious work and worship, cooperative and critical engagement in society—such standards of excellence direct preparation for ministry and scholarship at the Disciples Divinity House.

The Disciples Divinity House makes available superb resources for professional preparation, including those of the MDiv, MA, and PhD programs at the University of Chicago Divinity School. An ongoing seminar considers Disciples History and Thought. Monday forum speakers include denominational leaders who address aspects of ministry and Divinity faculty who converse about research in progress. PhD students present their work in a dissertation writers’ seminar. Internships provide unique educational opportunities; grants encourage participation in regional and general church events. Such resources and opportunities, in turn, enrich and extend the remarkable teaching/learning ethos that is the Disciples Divinity House.