Guest Room Rental

Due to novel Coronavirus precautions, the guestrooms will not be available until further notice (likely when the virus no longer poses a severe threat and recovery reaches stage 5 normalcy). DDH looks forward to welcoming guests again then.

Two guest rooms are available for short-term rental by alumni/ae and friends of the House and persons related to the University of Chicago. Occasionally rooms are rented for long term use.

Each guest room has two twin beds and a private bathroom. During their stay, guests are invited to enjoy the amenities of the House and to participate in Monday dinners and events.

Guest room rates are $90.00 per night for one guest, $100.00 per night for two. Special rates are available for alumni/ae and for the family of current residents. The Week of Renewal program makes guest rooms available for Disciples professors and ministers.

To make a reservation, please call 773.643.4411, or email.

Please take care to make your reservations well in advance, especially if you are requesting guest housing around major University events.