Disciples Divinity House

of the University of Chicago

Congratulations to Darryl (former resident) and Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson (2009) on the birth of their daughter, Cora Lois, in November.

House Scholar Jack Veatch was selected as a sponsored attendee of the National Festival of Young Preachers by the Fund for Theological Education. He will preach at the festival in Atlanta in January. He has selected Associate Dean Yvonne Gilmore (2001) to attend as his mentor.

Garry Sparks (2001) has co-published, “A Sixteenth-Century Priest’s Fieldnotes among Highland Maya: Proto-Theologia as Vade mecum,” with Frauke Sachse (Univ. of Bonn, Germany). It is a study of a colonial Dominican missionary handbook held at the U.S. Library of Congress.It appears in Words and Worlds Turned Around: Indigenous Christianities in Latin America. Edited by David Tavárez (Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 2017), 102-123.

On November 26, First Christian Church of Colorado Springs honored Chuck Blaisdell (1976), on his retirement as Senior Minister. He is starting a congregational consulting business, www.growagain.net.

In November, Harvard University Press published Mostly Straight: Sexual Fluidity among Men by Ritch C. Savin-Williams (1971). The book "explores the personal stories of forty young men to help us understand the biological and psychological factors that led them to become mostly straight and the cultural forces that are loosening the sexual bind that many boys and young men experience.... Mostly Straight shows us how these young men are forging a new personal identity that confounds both traditional ideas and conventional scientific opinion." Savin-Williams is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University.

Tabitha Isner (2005) has launched a campaign to become the Democratic nominee for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. The election will be November 6, 2018.

Congratulations to Ben Varnum (former resident) and Meghan Griffiths, who were married November 11 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

First Christian Church of Texas City, Texas, was among churches affected by Hurricane Harvey. Pastor Danielle Cox (2012) and the congregation are working closely with Week of Compassion to become a local base for volunteer response.

Congratulations to current Scholar Mark Lambert who passed his qualifying examinations with flying colors on November 7. A PhD student in Theology, he studies medieval attitudes about leprosy and addresses the ongoing stigmatization of illness.

Sandhya Jha (2001) has written Transforming Communities: How People Like You are Transforming Their Neighborhoods (Chalice Press). "Real stories of ordinary people who took action and changed their corner of the world, one block at a time. Equal parts inspiration, education, and Do-It-Yourself, Transforming Communities by veteran community activist Sandhya Jha will open your eyes to the world-healing potential within you, and give you the vision, the tools, and the encouragement to start transforming your neighborhood, one person at a time."