Becoming a House Scholar

Approximately twenty persons are selected each year to begin or continue their studies as Disciples Divinity House Scholars. They consist of MDiv and MA/Ph.D. students in roughly equal proportion. They hone intellects, sensibilities, and practical arts for vocations of ministry, service, scholarship, and public engagement.

Some enter with professional backgrounds in business, law, or teaching; most enter after college graduation or after a year or two of nonprofit service, church work, or study and work abroad. They arrive from across the U.S., from Illinois, California, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, Michigan, Arizona, and Washington, D.C. Some enter after living or working overseas, for example, in Bahrain, South Korea, Namibia, Guatemala, Germany, India, Israel.

All Disciples Divinity House Scholars are also students in the Divinity School of the University of Chicago, where they earn their degrees. Application to become a Disciples Divinity House Scholar must be made concurrently with application to the Divinity School. Applicants should contact Dean Kristine A. Culp early in the process. A visit to the Disciples Divinity House is normally part of the selection process.

The Disciples Divinity House community includes other Divinity School residents who participate fully in its common life. Information about the ecumenical community and student room rental is here.