DDH Bulletin

Published since 1928, the DDH Bulletin offers news and features two times each year.
The fall edition includes the Annual Report.

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Most recent issues:

Fall 2023

Allie Lundblad, "Truth among us"
Preparing to lead: House Scholars 2023-24
April Lewton, "Varieties of Cynthia's gifts," Introduction of the Distinguished Alumna
Cynthia G. Lindner, "Begotten, bewildered, and beholding," 2023 Distinguished Alumna Address
A recognition of generosity
Scenes from Autumn quarter

Summer 2023

Rebecca Anderson, "A new translation"
Congratulations, graduates!
A transformative gift remembers Sam Pearson
Board of Trustees news
Larry Bouchard, "On The Gospel at Colonus"
Hord Owens honored
A new chapter for the Lamberts
Lijia Xie, "Unbounded bounties"
2023-2024 Entering Scholars announced
"One Great Thing" about Cynthia Gano Lindner...
Scenes from Convocation

Fall 2022

Diana Ventura, "Ableism, theology, and some rooftop friends"
Journey to Karlsruhe: A journey to justice, reconciliation, and unity
New scholars
Lijia Xie, "On 'Becoming'"
Jack Veatch joins DDH staff
Dialogue on Disability
Emily Griffith, "Mad compassion"
Mark M. Lambert, "Can the leper speak?"
Fellowship in Theological Education Leadership
A Recognition of Generosity

Summer 2022

Ayanna Johnson Watkins, "Elbows deep"
Convocation 2022 - Yvonne Gilmore, "Extending Exodus"
Making and keeping history: Joel Brown to DCHS
A magnificent spirit: Bequest from Ann Burns
Inaugural fellows announced
Presidential gavel passes to Pam Jones
Honoring Richard and Dolores Highbaugh
Vy Nguyen, Introduction to the Distinguished Alumna Award
Sandhya Jha, "Nazareth, Chicago, Oakland," 2022 Distinguished Alumna Award address
Ahh... Backyard life!

Fall 2021

Victoria Wick, "Litany for the women"
A convocation of joy
An increase of scholarships
Fellowship in Theological Education Leadership
In memoriam: James E. Stockdale
Lott elected to board
A legacy of Baringers and Butterfields
Remembering Del
Filled with generosity and vision: Lewton Sparks Family Fund
Alumni/ae & friends gathering June 10 & 11

Summer 2021

Rachel Abdoler, Dayenu!
Loving questions: Remembering Clark M. Williamson
Dennis Sasso, "Tribute to a righteous gentile, teacher, and friend"
Barbara and Clark Williamson Scholarship
"She took life on": An appreciation of Eddie Evans Griffin
Eddie Evans Griffin, "Why I do what I do" (2007)
Congratulations, graduates
Graduates are asking
Welcome Justin, Marissa, and Charlie: Entering Scholars
Middle Testament: Flying Chalices release recordings
Transformative leadership: Jha appointed to board
Scott grant extends "Living Justice"
In memoriam: Kenneth Bloyd, Sherry Bouchard, Ann Burns, Ruben Cruz, James Gustafson, Don Pittman, Lanny Wood
Backyard renovation underway

Fall 2020

Opening chapel service: Santiago Pinon, Finding peace when you are one of the pieces
Peggy Stockdale, "Appreciative awareness"
Martin Family endows scholarship
An epic hymn: Teresa M. Gilmore Fund
A lasting legacy: An appreciation of Yvonne Gilmore
Promise and achievement: Scholarships awarded
2020: A year like no other
Living Justice: An antiracism practicum
In Memoriam: Robert Bates, Robert Bromley, Russell Fuller, Elaine Giermak, Adelle Lemon, John McCaw, Marilyn Cook Partin, George Shields, Richard Starkey, Maris Walters

125th Anniversary Report (2020)

From the Dean: An Invitation
Chad Martin, With Gratitude
A Place of Welcome
Anniversary Keynote: Larry Bouchard, Grateful for What Is to Come
Scholarships and Immersive Learning
A Recognition of Generosity

Fall 2019

125th year entering scholars
125th celebration continues at GA
Katherine Dey extends an extraordinary legacy
Inaugural Dr. Geunhee and Mrs. Geunsoon Yu Scholarship
Scholarships recognize promise, achievement
Kristine A. Culp, "Preparing for what is to come"
David Vargas: "Sacred spaces and altars of hope" 2019 Distinguished alumnus address; introduction by Garry Sparks
W. Clark Gilpin, "The 'Unfinished Highway'" 2019 Distinguished alumnus address
Uncommon Good: Remembering Esther and Carl Robinson
Allen Harris, "Reviving our passion for faith seeking understanding: The wilderness imperative for now" Convocation 2019
Edward H. and Mary Ruth Judd Kolbe Fund

125th Anniversary Edition, Summer 2019 

Celebrating 125 years 
Grateful for what is to come: $4M campaign for scholarships, internships, and accessibility
125 years and counting: A timeline
Larry D. Bouchard, "Grateful for what is to come: The House with the future as Thou"
News briefs: Distinguished alumnus award, Convocation, new House Scholars for fall 2019

Fall 2018

125th Anniversary Celebration, May 24-26, 2019 
The indelible imprint of JoAnne Kagiwada
An invitation to leadership: Scholarship honors Geunhee and Geunsoon Yu
"Captured by the vision": Scholarship to honor Jim and Peggy Powell
Lambert succeeds Peeler as administrator
Bell-Haynes and Wood join Board; Karunas concludes service
Annual Report: A recognition of generosity
Remembering the saints: Jean and Don Ervin
Looking back and planning ahead: Grace Lord Williams and John Norton Williams 

Spring 2018

Kagiwada and Williamson named Honorary Co-Chairs for 125th Anniversary Celebration
18 years to the day: Peeler set to retire
Hubert G. Locke: In memoriam
Pamela James Jones, "Gospel dedication and bodily commitment," Convocation address
Stephanie Paulsell, "The fragrance of truth: Theological education and religious community," First Annual Amy A. Northcutt Lecture
Mark Miller-McLemore retires as dean of (the other) DDH
125th Anniversary Celebration, May 24-26, 2019

Fall 2017

Terri Owens elected GMP
A heritage of strength and action: Remembering Katherine A. Dey
Daisy Machado, "We are the Americas," Distinguished alumna address
Daisy Machado, Spelunker: An introduction by Santiago Piñón
Entering Scholars
Divinity School honors Toulouse
Gavel passed from Hull Moses to Lewton
In memoriam: John "Jack" Wesley Divine, James D. Johnson, Mary Ruth Kolbe, Dorothy Coffman Messenger

Spring 2017

Machado named Distinguished Alumna
Alumna Owens is GMP nominee
Congratulations, graduates
Larry Bouchard, "L'chaim, Kris, l'chaim"
Judith Guy, "Ministering to the most of these"
Underwood and Lee are moderator team nominees
Clayville and Guy ordained
In memoriam: Vaughan G. Alexander, Deirdre Louise Jackson Jones, Ned R. Lavengood, Amy Ann Northcutt, Marjorie M. Thomas, Grace Elizabeth Lord Williams 

Fall 2016

Andrew Packman, "The Fruit of the Mind," Opening Chapel sermon
Reformation & improvisation: Conference report with reflections by Virginia White and Stefan Aderhold
CTP fall conference, "Justice"
Holy Grail Window Restored: Larry D. Bouchard, "Questing," and Kristine A. Culp, "Communion"
In memoriam: Clyde Curry Smith, Barbara E. Williamson, Ruth M. Wollesen

Spring 2016

Celebrating "the immigrants' daughter" and an astonishing gift
Ellen Marie Smith, Eulogy by William Crowl
Angela Kaufman, "Journeys of Grit and Grail" Convocation address
Doug Collins, "Litany for Concluding and Beginning"
Judith Guy, "Growth in Greensboro: An internship year with FCC"
Scott Grant resources young leaders
Allen Harris begins service
4 House Scholars + 4 sermons x April 3 = COFFEE!
Danielle Cox ordained
In memoriam: Frances U. Genung, Thomas V. Stockdale, Stephen H. Webb

Fall 2015

Theological heritage, social contexts: DDH-TSH exchange in Heidelberg
Wasson bequest and "the tissue of human living"
Clark M. Williamson, "The Disciples: Mainlined, Sidelined or Derailed?" Distinguished Alumnus address, July 21, 2015
Learning public ministry in public
Project convenes emerging Disciples theologians on reconciliation
In memoriam: Carol L. Browning, Ellen M. Smith, and R. Douglas Spangler

Spring 2015

Williamson to receive Distinguished Alumnus Award
Hull Moses receives gavel from Martin
Karunas begins service as trustee
Culp awarded Enhancing Life grant
Lambert appointed assistant administrator
Extending a legacy: Crowl fund established
Kristine A. Culp, "Within the span of glory," Convocation address
Rachel Abdoler, "Standing in the presence of the Wall"
In memoriam: William A. Gerrard III, Charles Harvey Lord

Fall 2014

A remarkable invitation: Internships create learning opportunities
Gratitude for Hubert Locke
Windows study underway
Renovations renew library, reconfigure offices
In Memoriam: Donald L. Jones, Barbara S. Fuller

Spring/Summer 2014

Scott grant for "the House" beyond "the House"
"Life Journeys," alumni class of 1965-69 project
Sandhya Jha, "The myth of book smart vs. street smart,"  Convocation address
DDH celebrates NAPAD connections, hosts convocation
An ovation for Dennis Landon
In memoriam: Josephine Blakemore, Kenneth Field, Robert Grant, Richard Johnson, Parker Rossman, Woodrow Wasson, William N. Weaver Jr.

Fall 2013

Gilmore begins work as Associate Dean
Yvonne Gilmore, "A better covenant," Opening chapel sermon
Chuck Blaisdell, “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places”: Ten things I’ve learned in ministry
In memoriam: Rolland G. Pfile, Carl B. Robinson