MA & PhD Studies

The Master of Arts program (MA) at the University of Chicago Divinity School is a two-year program in the academic study of religion for students who wish to develop a research agenda for doctoral study or a basis for a career in related fields such as education, publishing, public sector non-profit work, etc.

The Doctor of Philosophy program (Ph.D.) at the University of Chicago Divinity School is a rigorous program of advanced study and research in one of eleven areas of study: Anthropology and Sociology of Religion, Biblical Studies, History of Christianity, History of Judaism, History of Religions, Islamic Studies, Philosophy of Religion, Religion, Literature and Visual Culture, Religions in America, Religious Ethics, or Theology. A master's degree in religion is required for admission,

The Ph.D. program prepares students for a lifetime of field-defining scholarship, intellectual leadership, and teaching. Students are formed for careers of teaching and research focused around the generation of knowledge and critical understanding of religion. Coursework and doctoral examinations develop expertise in one of these areas while also encouraging interdisciplinary work. An original dissertation is researched and written with a faculty adviser and readers.

The Craft of Teaching program brings together Divinity School faculty, students, and an extensive alumni/ae network to share the craft of teaching and to advance critical reflection on religious studies pedagogy.