Calendar of Events

Spring quarter 2024

Monday, March 18
6:00 pm     Dinner
7:00 pm     House Meeting

Monday, March 25
6:00 pm     Dinner
7:00 pm     Forum: What (or Whose) Story Are We Living: Reflections on Tragedy,  Structural Evil, and Embodying Hope, Virginia White, PhD candidate and DDH Scholar

Monday, April 1
6:00 pm     Chapel: Thi Diem Nguyen, graduating MDiv and DDH resident
7:00 pm     Dinner

Monday, April 8
6:00 pm     Dinner
7:00 pm     Forum: Storytelling Workshop with Rebecca Anderson, Founding Co-Pastor, Gilead Church Chicago, and Co-Pastor, Bethany United Church of Christ

Monday, April 15
6:00 pm     Dinner
7:00 pm     Forum: Stephan Licha, Assistant Professor of the History of Religions, Divinity School, speaking about his work on Japanese Buddhism

Monday, April 22
6:00 pm     Dinner
7:00 pm     Senior Ministry Thesis Presentation: Buddhaghosa and Meister Eckhart  on the Problem of Self: A Case Study in Comparative Theology after Religion, Charlie Platt, graduating MDiv and DDH Scholar

Friday, April 26 - Saturday, April 27
Alumni/ae Council and Board of Trustees meetings

Monday, April 29
6:00 pm     Dinner
7:00 pm     Forum: Jose Morales, Assistant Professor of Latinx Studies and Religion, Chicago Theological Seminary

Monday, May 6
6:00 pm     Chapel: Nisha Keshwani, graduating MA and DDH resident
7:00 pm     Dinner

Monday, May 13
6:00 pm     Dinner
7:00 pm     Senior Ministry Thesis Presentation: Attentive Listening as the Most Powerful Remedy for Providing Pastoral Care for Vietnamese Refugees Impacted by Traumatic Experiences, Thi Diem Nguyen

Monday, May 20
Finals week – No dinner or program

Monday, May 27
Memorial Day

Friday, May 31
6:00 pm     Convocation: Alexis Vaughan, Managing Director of Domestic Operations, Week of Compassion, and DDH Trustee, speaking
Preceded by gathering and food in the backyard
Followed by desserts and toasts

Upcoming events

April 26-27, 2024
Alumni/ae Council meeting
Board of Trustees meeting

May 31, 2024
DDH Convocation